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Warehousing Facilities

Warehousing Facilities | Shree Ganesh Packers and Movers

Warehouses are the places where the goods are stored on a temporary basis to be transferred to its destination. These places are quite huge as large goods are being stored safely for the time being. The warehouse services are mostly used by the manufacturers, business owners, customs, exporters and various other business dealers.

Shri Ganesh packers and movers has large spaces for the warehousing. We have our warehouses with special security measures and the controlled environment is provided inside the warehouse for the different goods to be stored inside them. as there are some goods and items that require certain temperature and climatic conditions to survive. We have installed such systems in our warehouse that could sustain the requirements of the clients with certain goods to be stored in the warehouse. 

We have different packages for warehousing. All of them have different categories under them. They are installed with different categories in them. this logistic system not only helps the customers in their storage capabilities but also reduces their elementary costs of the goods. Releasing the goods to various distribution centers at the time of need reduces the time of operation. 

In our warehouses, we deal with all types of operations including inventory management, distribution of goods, accountability of goods and many more. We are equipped with the best designing tools that helps one in the loading and unloading of the goods safely without any prior damage to them. these tools are specially made by the professionals for the transfer purposes only.

We basically operate with two types of warehousing. One is a dedicated warehousing and other one is the shared warehousing. Both are explained as below:

  1. Dedicated warehouses: In such types of warehouses, a single client can own the whole space of the warehouse for a specific period of time written on the agreement documents. There will be no interference of any other party in the warehouse. No intruder can look for the goods inside the warehouse. The cost of warehousing is a bit high but an independent tenant gets the charge of the whole area.    
  2. Shared warehouses: In these warehouses, goods of various companies are being stored sectional in a shared room allocated for all. The employees of other company can intricate anytime inside the warehouse. In such cases, the labor costs are being shared and other equipment and tools are used on the shared basis. These leads the reduced costs of the warehousing, but one has to adjust with the other parties too.  

We book the warehouses for the reliable customers on prior appointment. The web cameras installed in our warehouses gives the exact activity of the area for each second. You can keep a track of what ongoing with your goods at a specific time sitting at your comfort place only. You need not to visit the warehouse every time for your order loading process. Make a hassle free loading and unloading of your goods by hiring us for your business needs. 

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